Never Too Old for Lullabies

Photo Credit: Nyana Stoica

Photo Credit: Nyana Stoica

Some of my most cherished memories as a young mom were the sacred moments I held my babies in my arms - dancing in the kitchen or rocking them to sleep.

My mind can take me back there in an instant. I can still hear the music. I can still feel the gentle swaying. I can still trace all the contours of their little warm bodies perfectly snuggled into mine.

We danced and we rocked to the soothing sound of lullabies. And no matter how much work I needed to do during those coveted hours of sleep, there were so many times I simply didn’t want the music to end.

I don’t have any babies to rock to sleep, or dance with in the kitchen anymore.

But I still love listening to lullabies.

And recently, I discovered my 18 year-old daughter does too. She introduced me to some of the most beautiful music - a series of songs called “Hidden in My Heart - a Lullaby Journey through Scripture” by Scripture Lullabies”. She and her co-workers play these lullabies during nap time for the preschool children they teach.

One morning while I was working in the kitchen, Clare said, “Mom, I want you hear this music. I play these songs for my kids at school, but I love listening to them too! And last night I put them on for Caroline since she’s been having trouble falling asleep.”

Immediately I was hooked. The words and the music swept me into a realm of peace so familiar from the past. I now long to return to it every day. I’ve even found myself playing these sweet lullabies for my elderly mom throughout the day.

If you know my story of creating the Mother’s Prayer Companion, it was born from a deep conviction of the power of praying scripture over ourselves, our spouse, and our children. What relief we can find in praying the divinely inspired Words of scripture, especially when we feel like we have no words, or just don’t know how to pray. And what confidence we can find too. Because when we pray the Word of God, we pray the will of God.

But we can’t pray the Word of God if we don’t know it. And one of the most profound ways to know the Word of God is by letting it wash over us through music.

As it washes over us, it begins to take root in us. How deeply God wants His Word to take root in us and be hidden in our heart. (Psalm 119:11) So when doubt, temptation, fear, worry, comparison, resentment, condemnation, or any other lie creeps in to threaten our peace and shake our confidence, we are not led astray. Because hidden within us, we have His sure promises to call upon and hold on to.

And of course, the more we know the Word of God in Scripture, the more we know The Word of God, Jesus Himself. And we discover it’s Him, who is hidden in our heart.

I recently heard a scripture that I’ve known all my life, yet something in it struck me as new…

He will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart. He will gently lead the mother sheep with their young. (Isaiah 40:11, NLT)

I’d never noticed that line before - “He will gently lead the mother sheep with their young.”

As mamas, we spend so many years carrying little ones in our arms, holding them close to our hearts. And even long after they’ve grown too big for our cradling arms, we’re still shepherding them - so they aren’t led astray.

But mama sheep need a Shepherd too.  

As mama sheep, we need to be carried in His arms. We need Him to hold us close to His heart. We need Him to gently lead us - so we aren’t led astray.

We’re never too old for lullabies.

Long ago when I rocked my babies to the soothing words of lullabies, a spirit of peace and calm washed over both us. I didn’t play those lullabies just to still the heart of my little one. I played them to still my heart too.

I hope you will take a moment and play these lullabies. Let your Shepherd carry you in His arms and wash His soothing promises over you.

Here are the links to two of my favs - because they speak right to the heart of our mission as praying mamas here at

Hidden in My Heart

Peace of God

But don’t just listen to these two songs. Download them all! Or better yet - do what I do every day - shout out to Alexa, “Alexa, play Hidden in My Heart by Scripture Lullabies!”

Dear Jesus, hold me close in Your arms today.
Hide me in Your heart, and hide Your Word in mine.