Reclaiming My Identity

Photo Credit: T Cud

Photo Credit: T Cud

I’m not super strict when it comes to my nutrition or even that of my kids. We eat simply. I don’t lose sleep over whether they eat sugary cereals for breakfast. And if they choose to forgo a meal that I’ve prepared and make their own peanut butter sandwich, I don’t flip out.

I just don’t have the bandwidth to stress about every single morsel they put in their bodies (or whether a child licked yogurt off the ground in order to savor every last bite). I just can’t.  

However, the hill I WILL die on is what messages they put into their bodies. I’m on high alert when it comes to the images, ideas, and content that enters their eyes, ears and hearts.

What my children put their eyes on can lead to what their hearts desire. What they hear can shape how they think and the inner dialogue they start telling themselves.

These messages can also influence the way they interact with others - their families, friends, and even other authority figures.

What WE put into our minds matters - whether you’re a kid or an adult! Where we spend our time and who we spend our time with impacts the person we think we are and who we might become.

This is why I wanted to introduce you to a woman who has deeply impacted the way I view my vocation as wife, mom and lover of Jesus. KAY WYMA and I have never met, but she’s on my top 10 list of the most significant mothers I try to emulate.

This week I want to share a talk with you that Kay gave two years ago. I had the honor of hearing it personally, and her message about contentment and comparison is one of my favorites. Her ideas have been the catalyst for some of the blogs I’ve written on this very same topic.

This soul food from Kay is worth serving to you, my dear reader, because it will undoubtedly nourish you. It’s a message I need to be reminded of every single day.

Kay, you may never know how much you have impacted the life of this living-on-a-prayer mother of four, but you my friend, are a giant among women. I pray that your message reaches the hearts of many.

My prayer is that mothers are set free from the grips of comparison. Today, let’s reorient our hearts and minds on what is truly life giving! Let’s reclaim our identity, friends.

I hope this message from Kay blesses you. Grab a cup of coffee and your journal - I think you’ll want to take notes on this one! Also, skip to minute 5:40 to avoid the unnecessary introduction before Kay begins speaking.

One more thing - at minute 20, Kay played this YouTube video for us.

*You can also read more from Kay at her blog:

Stef Blackwell

Stef Blackwell and her husband are raising their four kids and living the dream deep in the heart of suburbia, Flower Mound, TX. She’s a raging choleric and high functioning introvert, which some have said is impossible. But alas, here she lives to tell her tale. Her greatest strength is bossing people around; her greatest weakness is she bosses people around - and Jesus loves her just the way she is - today. She looks for the one mama who is standing alone and strives to bring them into the fold. God has given her a passion for marriage, motherhood, and living missionally.