About the MPC

The Mother’s Prayer Companion is a mom’s dream prayer journal for her family.

Unique in its design, the Mother’s Prayer Companion is a gorgeous, custom-crafted hardback book; intentionally created for moms to personalize and customize for their families.  

Printed in beautiful fonts on cream colored card stock, the prayer pages in the MPC guide moms to pray for their loved ones in a simple and concrete way. Not only are moms empowered to pray scriptures in a personal way for each person in their family; they are also invited to praise and thank God for the uniqueness of each one, and offer every aspect of their lives to Him.

The 5x7 size allows for convenient use and storage. The durable hardback cover has a beautiful soft matte finish with a binding that allows it to sit on a shelf just like a well-loved and read book. The first of its kind, the MPC binder-format allows moms freedom and ease to work with their pages, update new pages over time, and save pages as a legacy and keepsake for their family.

Each book contains the following features to equip moms to pray more intentionally for their families:

  • (1) Family Prayer Page
  • (3) Daughter Prayer Pages
  • (3) Son Prayer Pages
  • (1) Husband's Prayer Page
  • (1) Self Prayer Page
  • (2) Promised Prayer Pages
  • (2) Gratitude Prayer Pages
  • Blank Note Pages are provided throughout

To discover even more about the MPC, check out the MPC 101 video series, where Jenny personally breaks open the Mother's Prayer Companion. She shares the story behind it and unpacks the richness of each page so that moms can be fully equipped to personalize it and pray it for their family.