I just started my prayer companion this morning and love it!

It is simple, yet so beautiful. What a gift! I love how it organizes my thoughts. I have prayer group this morning and can’t wait to share it with the girls!


I just have to share this incredible experience I had tonight.

Both of my older boys came home from school today with bad behavior reports, and my patience is wearing extremely thin.  But tonight the Holy Spirit led me to take my new Prayer Companion Journal I purchased on Tuesday night and use it. I first brought my sweet Tyler into a quiet room in our house, and we came up with his list of talents and gifts – including that he loves to dance (which he broke out dancing) – and then we moved on to things he wanted to work on which included doing better at school (he’s in Kinder) and listening better to his teacher.

We ended by reading the prayer and wow – it was powerful!

Then he reached over with his 5 year old little arms and gave me the biggest hug and kiss. I had the same experience with my 7 year old. His gifts/talents included showing respect for others, good sportsmanship, his love for God (I’m sitting there listening to him and thinking, “My baby is only 7, and such amazing things are coming out of his mouth!”). I highly recommend doing this with your little ones – by hearing what they value in themselves and what they want to work on. Following that by praying with them is incredible.  I am so thankful for the experience Tuesday night – hearing Jenny’s testimony and her purpose in her ministry. I listen to her two CDs all the time, and I carry my prayer companion around with me.  It has helped me tremendously!


The Mother’s Prayer Companion came at a pivotal point in my journey as a “new” mom

There were days when I literally felt like I was drowning, and when Jenny gave this book to me, I knew it was nothing short of the Holy Spirit answering my pleas. As a mother of a 4, 2, and 4 mo. old this companion is a saving grace. My prayer life has become more focused, purposeful, and powerful as a result of praying specifically for each of my children. God is revealing to me how He sees and loves my babies, and in return I have humbly submitted to that vision as well. The companion has helped me see myself how My Creator sees me. I have rediscovered my purpose–both as a wife and mother. I know how much God has entrusted to me, and He wants me to love me in order so I can love my husband and children in the way He does. I cannot express how incredible it is to pray, meditate, and release my loved ones to God’s plan for them.

I have shown this to every mother with young children and they are ready to begin this journey. I cannot wait to see what this does for my family, my community and our Church–as we are all One Body praying for the strength and fortitude of our future generations. Thank you Jenny for your “yes” and for answering God’s call to reach mothers everywhere.


I love “A Mother’s Prayer Companion”!

 The design is not only beautiful to look at, but the functionality of using it has brought me to a deeper place with God. Intellectually I’ve always known that God loves my children as much as I do. But praying for them through the facilitated way of “A Mother’s Prayer Companion” has helped me experience His love for them. I love it so much I’ve gifted it for my own mother and for a friend already. It will be my “go to gift” for the special moms in my life from now on!


My journal is perfect!

I love that it is making me focus on my kids’ gifts and talents in addition to their needs and requests.  I am going to use it for my children AND grandchildren! I’m also excited to give one to my daughter for Mother’s Day. She has two little girls and one on the way. What a blessing this will be for her!

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