About Jenny

IMG_0363Jenny Klement graduated from Franciscan University with a BS in Theology. In addition to teaching in the classroom, Jenny has given talks, led retreats and performed her music all over the country.  A singer and songwriter, she has released two music CDs entitled “Reflection” and “Grace is Falling”.  Jenny has a unique ability to minister to women through her music, personal testimony, and insights into living fully a life in Christ. She resides in Coppell, Texas with her husband Kurt and five children.

Through Jenny’s music, talks and witness her mission is to inspire, affirm and empower women to embrace the beauty and dignity of womanhood.

Jenny inspires women to embrace their beauty and dignity as women through her engaging talks, evenings of reflection, half day, and full day retreats. She speaks passionately on topics pertaining to womanhood and motherhood, including themes such as:

  •  “Embracing the Ordinary with Extraordinary Love” – Motherhood can often seem so ordinary.  We may struggle to find meaning in the seemingly mundane tasks of changing diapers, washing dishes and folding laundry. Could the secret to our greatness lie in doing the little things – with great love?
  • “Blessed, Not Stressed” – Most of us as women live such stressful, busy lives.  Yet God wants to richly bless us in the midst of it all.  Is it really possible to live a life that is/How can we live a life that is blessed, not stressed?
  • “Set Free – The Truth and the Lies of Femininity” – Countless women walk around today enslaved by the lies the world feeds them about their true value and worth. Learn how to recognize the lies and be armed with the truth – discover the beauty of your femininity and the true freedom God has for you.  (Jenny has given this talk to women of all ages, including high school teens.)
  • “Caution: Messy! – Families Under Construction” (Talk on parenting and family by both Jenny and her husband Kurt)

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