The Greatest Compliment My Son Could Give Me…

IMG_5254For most of us moms, it’s hard to imagine our teenage sons giving us many compliments at all, let alone the greatest compliment we could ever receive. But if they did, what would it be? What would be the best compliment your son or daughter could ever give you?

Honestly, I’d never even thought about it until recently, when I heard what for me, came pretty darn close to it…

My oldest son Kolbe is a pretty laid back guy in general. Every child has their strengths and weaknesses – one of Kolbe’s strengths is his ability to stay on top of his stuff, while also taking things in stride.  A few weeks ago, he missed several days of school due to extracurricular school activities. Over the following weekend, he realized the toll of his absence from class and the long list of catch up work he had to do. As he relayed all of it to me, he said, “Mom, I’m so overwhelmed with all the work I have to do.”

That comment definitely registered on my “momometer”. To see Kolbe overwhelmed is a big deal, because he just doesn’t get stressed out that often. And suddenly, I felt overwhelmed for him.

Monday morning began as usual in the Klement home. Alarms go off. Some kids jump out of bed, and some need to get pulled. Then the hive starts buzzing – kids racing from bedroom to bathroom to get dressed and groomed, scarfing down breakfast, packing up lunches, grabbing backpacks, and flying out the door.

That particular morning, my husband was taking the kids to school.   I stood at the door to hug and wave everyone off. As they rushed out the door one by one, Kolbe was the last one to leave. And as my 6’2, almost 16 year old boy picked up his backpack, swung it over his shoulder and headed out the front door, he put his arm around me. (That’s a rare moment) Then he looked down at me and said, “Mom, please pray for me – I’m super stressed.”

I’m far from a perfect mom. And lots of times, I feel like a downright mess. But at that moment, as I watched Kolbe walk to the car and drive off, I felt the most incredible sense of affirmation. I turned around and just about skipped back into the house.

I know, right? Sounds crazy!   My son is super stressed. He has tons of make-up work to do. His grades might drop, which could negatively affect his oh, so important GPA. I should be stressed out too, right? I should be worried about him. And normally, I would be.

But instead, I felt like I was in the clouds.

My son had just given me one of the greatest compliments I could ever receive. He asked me to pray for him.

“Mom, please pray for me…”   Kolbe’s words echoed in my head and flooded my entire being with such a deep, abiding sense of joy, affirmation, gratitude and hope. He spoke volumes with those simple words, without even realizing what he was saying.

This is what I heard…

Mom, I know you pray. I know that you try to find God in every situation. I know you rely on Him to get you through everything, including life’s stresses and struggles. I know you pray for me too. And I need you to pray for me. I need to know that you’ve got my back. I have to rely on God to get me through this, because I can’t do it alone. I find comfort in knowing that you are fighting for me – on your knees.”

That’s the message I heard, and it gave me the most profound sense of fulfillment. It reaffirmed my purpose and drove home my mission as a mom.

Leading my kids to heaven… it’s the most important job I will ever have.

And as a prayer warrior mom in training, I’m learning it’s a job done most powerfully – when it’s done on my knees.

“Mom, will you pray for me?” … It’s a life-changing invitation and perhaps, the greatest compliment we could ever receive.

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