Mirror My Heart

Note to Reader: As you can tell by now, I’m not a very consistent blogger. But I continue to fight my “very much still recovering” perfectionist nature :),

resisting the lies of

I’m not…

I wish I was…

If only I could be…

that keep me from living in the freedom of who I AM. So today, I AM fulfilling the promise I made in my last blog to tell you the rest of the story…

“Mirror My Heart.”

In my recent blog “The Secrets Thoughts They Don’t Tell You”, I described an encounter I had with my teenage daughter Clare that propelled me to engage in the battle and go deeper in prayer for her, and for all my children. I also released the first “Going Deeper Prayer Page” – a free, downloadable prayer page with easy to personalize scriptures – speaking the truth about our true identity in Christ.

That unforgettable day when Clare stepped off the scale, I stepped up my prayer game. As she walked out of my room, I felt a sense of helplessness. Had I said enough? Had I said it right? Of course the answer was no, because I am a very imperfect mother. But that precious daughter of mine has a perfect Heavenly Father.  He is enough.

And He has given me, and every one of us as parents, this simple invitation,

“Mirror My heart.”

A Fatherly heart of unconditional love – that knows no height, or depth, or length or width. (Eph. 3:18-19)

My intentional desire to go deeper in prayer for Clare (and each one of my kids) was so that she might sink deeper and deeper into that Limitless Love; becoming more and more rooted in the sure foundation of her identity in Christ… not the shifting sands of body image, friends, grades, talent, status, titles, recognitions, “likes”, “followers” – and all the relentless worldly taunts that compete for our children’s sense of worth.

So that day I was inspired to mirror God’s heart for Clare – by literally mirroring it. It was something I’d heard about from Michael Hoffman, a phenomenally gifted, national motivational speaker who had spoken to the parents at our church.

As Michael stood on stage one night, he flashed an intriguing picture up on the projector screen – a photo of his kids’ bathroom mirror – on which he’d written a scripture with a dry erase marker. Not the whole scripture – just the reference. And with a dry erase marker. Brilliant! He urged us to try it with our own kids sometime – as a creative way to reach out to them with an inspiring message, while inspiring their curiosity for the Bible too.

I had never taken Michael Hoffman up on his urging; not until my encounter with Clare.

A message on the mirror…

Mir•ror /mirer/ n. a reflective surface, now typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, that reflects a clear image.

Mirrors… those luring sheets of reflective glass – into which we peer every day, often multiple times a day. I remember shuddering when I heard a marriage and family therapist say once that by the time little girls reach second grade, they look into the mirror every time they pass by one.

And what do they see? What do we see? A clear image? A true reflection of who we are? If only that were true.

On the contrary. Flaws. Imperfections. Lies.  All too often glaring back at us.

I knew exactly what scripture I would write. A truth I wanted to run deep through every crevice of Clare’s heart and mind. I grabbed a dry erase marker and ran upstairs.


Song of Songs 4:7.

That’s all I wrote. Up at the top of her mirror. Then I walked over to her nightstand and picked up her Bible. I knew that’s probably where she’d go to look it up. At least I hoped she’d look there – instead of on her phone. (teens these days) I found the verse, and drew a little heart next to it.

“You are altogether beautiful, and there is no flaw in you.”

A message on the mirror – from God’s heart to hers.

I began to pray those words for Clare every day… Divinely inspired words that St. Paul reminds us are “living and effective”… and penetrate the heart. (Heb. 4:12 ) Words containing the liberating truth I so desperately wanted Clare to know in the depths of her being; as a sure foundation of Her Father’s adoring and unconditional love.

And I prayed that scripture – “Clare is altogether beautiful, and there is no flaw in her.”  – not only in the hope that Clare might see that reality when she looks into the mirror, but also when she looks at me.  That as her mom – I, too, might mirror God’s heart for her.

I had no idea what Clare would do with that message on the mirror. Nor could I have fathomed how long she would leave it there – not just for a day, or a week, or a month. It was almost a full year.

Then one morning I went up to her bathroom to put something away.  There on her mirror, was a new scripture verse, below where mine was still written. But this time, it was a scripture Clare had written to herself, inserting her own name at the beginning.

I could not believe my eyes.  Gratitude swept over me.  Tears of joy.  A cry from my heart.  Thank You, Jesus.

Months have passed since then. And though the messages have long been wiped away, I know they’re permanently written in the most important place – her heart.

“Mirror My Heart.”

Take God up on His urging – mirror a message to your child’s heart they will never wipe away.

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